Where are the innovations?

The business name I once chose reflects my ideas about sustainability. At the beginning of the new millennium I hoped to contribute to a green future and decided to start my one-man business. The first concepts I developed had a technical approach, like saving water and recycling stuff. But my insights grew and a process of searching started. The next projects concerned information and education, suggesting that informed people will make more sustainable choices. That view however was challenged by some people I met and the articles I read about the subject, and so I started to think about the consumer as a ‘concept’. How to change his view and perspective, to transform him into a citizen?
The ‘innovation’ lies in the ‘new way’ of looking at the consumer1, as a concept, shaped by marketing.

  1. The consumer as a concept is not a completely new idea, because several scolars have challenged the consumer as product of commerce and marketing, eg. Trentmann (1996), Barber (2007), Bernardini (2014) ↩︎


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